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MBA Semester 4 Spring 2019

MBA401 - Strategic Management and Business Policy

Q1. Write short notes on: i. Strategic Window ii. Strategic Drift
Answer: Strategic window: Strategic window is the Period of time that is temporary between competitive abilities in an organization and the markets existing needs...

MBA402 : International Business Management

Q1. Define international Business? What are the various factors affecting international Business?
Answer: International business can be defined as any business that crosses the national borders of a country...


Q1. Write a short note on the following: a) Wage Policy Plan in India b) Voluntary Retirement Scheme (VRS)
Answer: The plans of wages in India are explained as follows: The first plan (1951 to 1956) suggested that pre-war levels of real wages should be restored as an initial march towards "living wage" by use of enhanced productivity...


Q1. Define Information and explain its characteristics. What are the components of an Information System?
Answer: Definition of information: information is a well-processed form of data that has a specific meaning and purpose...


Q1. The balance of payment statement summarizes the Economic transactions of a country's residents in relation to the rest of the world.
Answer: The economic transactions of a country's residents in relation to the rest of the world are summarized by the balance of payments statement...

MKT401 - Services Marketing and Customer Relationship Management

Q1. Write short notes on: i. Service Marketing Triangle ii. Servuction Model
Answer: The services marketing triangle comprises three parties involved in the service delivery process - the organization, the customer, and the employee...

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