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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 2 Spring 2018

Spring 2018 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA201 - PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT

Q1. Differentiate between Production Planning and Production Control. Point out various functions of Production Planning and Production Control.
Q2. What do you mean by Strategic management process? Differentiate between Environmental scanning & Differentiation strategies
Q3. Explain various Elements or Components of Operations Strategy in detail.

Q1. Explain The Strategic Importance of Forecasting.
Q2.Explain the concept of Rating Method for Location decision sequence. Discuss different types of Rating methods.
Q3.What do you mean by Quality? Point out, various dimensions of quality?.

Spring 2018 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA202 – Financial Management

Q1. Financial planning means deciding in advance the financial activities to be carried on to achieve the basic objective of the firm. Explain the objectives, benefits and guidelines for financial Planning.
Q2. Explain the ‘Rule of 69’ and ‘Rule of 72’. The below depicts the interest rates offered by the fixed deposit scheme of a bank.
Period of deposit Rate per annum
<45 days 9%
46 days to 179 days 10%
180 days to 365 days 10.5%
365 days and above 11%
What will be the status of Rs. 1,00,000 after four years if it is invested at this point of time?
Q3. Calculate the upper and lower limits, and the return point as per MO (Miller-Orr) model for Gupta Industries which have a policy of maintaining Rs. 500000 minimum cash balance. The standard deviation of the company’s daily cash flows is Rs. 200000. The interest rate is 14%. The company has to spend Rs. 150 per transaction.

Assignment Set -2
Q1. Roy Ltd. has an expected usage of 50,000 units of a certain product during the next year. The cost of processing an order is Rs 20 and the carrying cost per unit per annum is Rs 1. Lead time for an order is seven days and the company will keep a reserve of three days usage. Calculate EOQ and Re – order point. Assume 250 days in a year.

Q2. List and explain the various costs associated with Maintaining Receivables.
Q3. Stability of dividends is the consistency in the stream of dividend payments. This method relates to the payment of certain amount of minimum dividend to the shareholders. List and explain the advantages because of it?.

Spring 2018 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA203 – Marketing Management

Q1. Write short notes on 7Ps of Marketing Mix and Marketing Planning Process.
Q2. Explain Marketing Information System (MIS). What are the various characteristics of MIS?
Q3. Write short notes on Difference between Consumer and Business Market and Buying Roles in Industrial Marketing.

Assignment Set -2
Q1. What do you mean by Market Segmentation? What are the various requisites of effective market segmentation?
Q2. Explain Brand? What are the various advantages of Branding?
Q3. Explain the concept of E-Marketing or Online Marketing. Explain various types of Internet Advertising.

Spring 2018 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA204 –Management Information System

Q1.What are the different challenges a manager face in managing Information systems?
Q2. Explain the concepts of
a) Transaction Processing System
b) Management Information System
Q3. How Information system can be used to support Competitive strategy? Substantiate with suitable examples.

Assignment Set – 2 Questions
Q1. Explain the following concepts a) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) b) Online Payment Technology c) Mobile Commerce
Q2. What is DSS? How it is different from MIS? How DSS helps in Decision making?
Q3. Explain why privacy is important for individuals in the organizations? How workplace electronic monitoring is done in the organizations?

Spring 2018 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA205 –Operations Research

Q1. Explain the process of Operation Research.
Q2. Write short note on
a) Concept of Duality in Linear Programming problem.
b) North-West Corner Method in Transportation problem
c) Benefits of holding inventory
d) Economic Order Quantity (EOQ) model
Q3. ABC Pvt. Ltd. is currently using a machine that was purchased for Rs 36,000. The resale value of the machine is Rs 12,000. Maintenance cost of machine is 3,000 Rs for first year and then increases by 500 Rs every year. Calculate total and average cost for 12 Years and find the best time to replace the machine.

Q1. a. Define the meaning of assignment problem in operation Research. b. In a manufacturing unit, time required by machineries to perform jobs is given in following matrix.
Machines Job
. 1 2 3 4 5
A 15 12 20 18 22
B 18 20 17 22 27
C 20 18 17 19 18
D 25 22 18 30 25
E 24 22 28 25 30
How should the jobs be allocated to machinery to minimize the total man-hours?
Q2. Define following criteria’s used for decision making under Uncertainty
a. Optimism (maximax or minimin) criterion
b. Pessimism (maximin or minimax) criterion
c. Equal probabilities (Laplace) criterion
d. Coefficient of optimism (Hurwicz) criterion
e. Regret (salvage) criterion
Q3. Ea. Explain the importance and utility of the replacement model in business organizations.
b. There are six jobs, each of which must go through two machines A and B in the order AB. The processing time of machines (in hours) is given in Table
Job Processing Time
Machine A Machine B
1 12 9
2 20 12
3 8 7
4 16 14
5 7 13
6 14 8

Spring 2018 smude mba semester 2 solutionsMBA206 - PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Q1. Define Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). Detail nine knowledge areas of Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK).
Q2. Elaborate five project life cycle phases.
Q3. Define the determination of the Critical Path

Assignment Set -2
Q1. Illustrate strategies to control the project risk.
Q2. Detail the planning process of PMIS.
Q6. What is Project Performance Evaluation? Elaborate types of project performance evaluation.

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