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MBA Semester 2 Winter 2015

Winter 2015 smude mba semester 1 MB0044 ansAssignment QP_MB0044_MBA 2_Winter 2015 -PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT

Q1. What is value engineering? List the main benefits of value engineering?
Answer: Value Engineering (VE) or value analysis is a methodology by which we try to minimise the cost and improve the revenue of a product or an operation....

Winter 2015 smude mba semester 1 MB0045 ansMB0045_Sem2_Winter Assignment 2015 - FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

Q1. Capitalisation of a firm refers to the composition of its long –term funds debt and equity. Discuss the theories of capitalization.
Answer: The proportion of debt and equity in a firm’s capital structure has to be independently decided case to case...

Winter 2015 smude mba semester 1 MB0046 ansAssignment_Marketing Management_MB0046_Winter 2015 - Marketing Management

Q1. Explain the steps in Business Buying process.
Answer: Organisations buy buildings, plants, office equipment, furniture, and provide services as insurance, financing, consulting and transportation. Most of these organisational purchases are indirectly linked to the economy’s purchases of satisfying consumer demand...

Winter 2015 smude mba semester 1 MB0047 ansMB0047_MBA_Sem2_Assignment - MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM

Q1. Explain some of the essential features of modern organisation

Answer: The essential features of modern organization: • Networked organization • IT-Enabled organization...

Winter 2015 smude mba semester 1 MB0048 ansAssignment MBA_Operations Research_MB0048_Winter 2015

Q1. WDescribe the framework of Operations Research.
Answer: The integrated framework of operations research involves seven steps, which are shown in Figure…

Winter 2015 smude mba semester 1 MB0049 ansAssignment QP _MB0049_MBA 2_Winter 2015 - PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Q1. Explain the various phases of the project management life cycle.
Answer: The various phases of the project management life cycle: 1. Project initiation: Project initiation is the first step in the project development cycle, and in simple terms: starting up the project...

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