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MBA Semester 2 Spring 2016

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 MBA201 ansAssignment QP_MBA201_MBA 2_Spring 2016 -PRODUCTION AND OPERATION MANAGEMENT

Q1. Write Short notes on a. Material control and material handling b. Labour Productivity c. Personnel Productivity d. Strategic decision making
Answer: a. Material control and material handling Material control is a management function whereby procurement, storage, and issuance of the storage material for purposes of manufacturing the products or consumption are conducted....

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 MBA202 ansMBA202_Sem2_Spring Assignment 2016 - FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT

Q1. Explain the differences between wealth maximization and profit maximization. Explain relation between finance and accounting.
Answer: Wealth maximisation vs. profit maximisation: Wealth maximisation is based on cash flow. It is not based on the accounting profit as in the case of profit maximisation...

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 MBA203 ansAssignment_Marketing Management_MBA203_Spring 2016 - Marketing Management

Q1. Define Marketing and various marketing orientations.
Answer: Marketing is a social process which alleviates individuals and groups to get what they need and want through creating and exchanging products and value with others...

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 MBA204 ansMBA204_MBA_Sem2_Assignment - MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM

Q1. What are the different challenges a manager face in managing Information systems?

Answer: A manager who has to manage an organisation’s information systems (IS) faces many challenges...

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 MBA205 ansAssignment MBA_Operations Research_MBA205_Spring 2016

Q1. Explain the process of OR.

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 MBA206 ansAssignment QP _MBA206_MBA 2_Spring 2016 - PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Q1. Explain Phases of Project Management Life Cycle in detail. What are Project Management Principles?
Answer: Project management is a rationally planned and organised effort to attain a specific goal. It comprises of organising, coordinating and managing different tasks and resources for successful completion of project...

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