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MBA Semester I Spring 2016

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 mb0038 ansMB0038-Assignment-Spring-2016 -Management Process and Organizational Behaviour

Q1. Describe the concept of vision and mission in an organisation
Explain the different types of structures found in organisation.

Answer: Vision is the state that an organsiation wants to be in and mission is the way of doing it...

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 mb0039 ansMB0039-Assignment-Spring-2016 - Business Communication

Q1. Explain briefly the characteristics of communication.
Answer: The characteristics of communication are:
•It is unavoidable – It is impossible not to communicate, since we communicate unintentionally all the time, even without the use of words...

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 mb0040 ansMB0040-Assignment-Spring-2016 - Statistics for Management

Q1. Write Short notes on
a. Descriptive Statistics
b. Measurement Scales
c. Editing of Data
d. Frequency Distribution
e. bar diagram

Answer: a. Statistical methods can be used to summarize or describe a collection of data; this is called descriptive statistics...

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 mb0041 ansMB0041-Assignment-Spring-2016 - Financial and Management Accounting

Q1. From the following information prepare the Balance Sheet of a Firm :
Working Capital Gap : Rs. 4,50,000
Working Capital Ratio : 2.5
Velocity of Stock & Debtors : 6 times
Quick Ratio : 1.5
Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio : 2 times
Gross Profit Margin Ratio : 20 %
Fixed Assets to Net Worth : 4/5v Capital is 2/3 of Equity

Answer: Coming soon...

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 MB0042 ansMB0042-Assignment-Spring-2016 - Managerial Economics

Q1. Define Elasticity of Supply? Explain the factors determining Elasticity of Supply?
Answer: Coming soon...

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 1 MB0043 ansMB0043-Assignment-Spring-2016 - Human Resource Management

Q1. What is human resources management? Discuss the scope of HRM.
Answer: Human resource management involves blending the traditional administrative functions along with the changing concepts of employee welfare in the organisation....

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