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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 3 Spring 2016

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 3 solutionsMB0050 - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY

Q1. Define business research and explain the process of research?
Q2. What are descriptive research designs? Explain the different kinds of descriptive research designs.
Q3. Discuss four types of measurements scales with appropriate examples.
Q4. Differentiate between the Stratified random sampling and Systematic sampling.
Q5. Distinguish between coding closed-ended structured questions and coding open-ended structured questions
Q6. Explain the Structure of the Research Report. What are the guidelines for effective report writing?

Spring 2016 smude mba semester 3 solutionsMB0051 –Legal Aspects of Business

Q1. a) Indicate the sources of Indian Law. b) Write notes on : i) Ignorance of Law ii) Lex Mercantoria
Q2. Narrate the facts and judgement in the case : i. Harvey Vs. Facey ii. Peek Vs. Gurney iii. Ranganayakamma Vs. Alwar Setty
Q3. “A negotiable instrument may be dishonoured either by non-acceptance or by nonpayment” Enumerate referring to the rules as laid down in the Act.
Q4. Who is an unpaid seller ? What are the rights of an unpaid seller under extant provisions of law ?
Q5. Describe the jurisdictions of District Forum, State Council, National council and Supreme Court of India as per Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
Q6. Enumerate the steps to float a limited company. The company being an artificial person, how are the affairs of a company managed ?

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