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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 4 Spring 2015

Spring 2015 smude mba semester 4 solutionsMB0052 - Strategic Management and Business Policy

Q1. What is strategy? Explain some of the major reasons for lack of strategic management in some companies?
Q2. Explain the following: (a) Core competence (b) Value chain analysis
Q3 Describe in brief the following environmental factors which a business strategist considers: (a) Political factors (b) Technology
Q4. Write a brief note on Turnaround strategy.
Q5. Define the term ‘strategic alliance’. What are its characteristics and objectives?
Q6. Write short notes on the following: a) Competitive advantage b) Porter’s Competitive threat model

Spring 2015 smude mba semester 4 solutionsMB0053 –International Business Management

Q1. “The world economy is globalizing at an accelerating pace”. Discuss this statement and list the benefits of globalization.
Q2. Discuss the role of demographic environment in international business.
Q3. Regional integration is helping the countries in growing their trade. Discuss this statement. Describe in brief the various types of regional integrations.
Q4. Write short note on: a) Foreign currency derivatives b) bases of international tax systems
Q5. Strategic planning involves allocation of resources to firms to fulfil their long term goals. What are the types of strategic planning? Compare Top-down Vs Bottom-up planning.
Q6 Discuss the various payment terms in international trade. Which is the safest method and why?

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