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Master of Business Administration- MBA Semester 3 Spring 2015

Spring 2015 smude mba semester 3 solutionsMB0050 - RESEARCH METHODOLOGY

Q1. Research is a sequential method of enquiry, directed towards a clear implicit or explicit objective. Describe in detail the steps to be carried out in a typical research study.
Q2. What are descriptive research designs? Explain the different kinds of descriptive research designs.
Q3. Discuss the concepts involved in Testing of Hypothesis. Also discuss the steps involved in testing the hypothesis.
Q4. a. Distinguish between:
i. Schedules and Questionnaires
ii. Open ended and closed ended questions
b. Explain the questionnaire design process.
Q5. Explain the any three types of comparative and non-comparative scales of each in detail.
Q6. Explain the Structure of the Research Report. What are the guidelines for effective report writing?

Spring 2015 smude mba semester 3 solutionsMB0051 –Legal Aspects of Business

Q1. Legal constraints tend to control or limit the discretion of businesses on the grounds that absolute rights cannot be conferred in the modern society. Comment.
Q2. What is a contract? What test would you apply to ascertain whether an agreement is a contract?
Q3. “Power of Attorney is considered as an important concept in Business Law”. Explain
Q4. “A cheque is a bill of exchange drawn on a banker”. Comment
Q5. Explain the nature and scope of complaints under the Consumer Protection Act?
Q6. Explain the need and types of meetings.

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