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Suggested BBA project topics:

Bachelor of Business Administration – BBA
Project Guidelines for Sixth Semester of BBA Course Curriculum
(BBA604 for BBA general/ BBR604 for BBA Retail Operations)

The BBA project can be undertaken under any management studies related topic like:
  • Human Resource
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Retailing

Suggested BBA Project topics:

  • A Study of Working Capital Management
  • Ratio analysis of XYZ company
  • A comparative study of dividend decisions in firms
  • A comparative study of capital budgeting techniques
  • A study of organizational structure of an MNC
  • A study of cash management services in firms
  • A study of marketing strategies of XYZ organization.
  • A study on customer preference towards modern retail stores
  • A comparative study of inventory techniques
  • Study of market segmentation in any sector
  • Comparative study of services of public and private sector bank
  • A study on consumer behaviour towards FMCG products
  • Customer satisfaction in online shopping
  • A study of distribution channels of an organization
  • Comparative analysis of marketing strategies of two telecom companies
  • Comparative Study of Insurance Plans of two different financial organisations
  • Effectiveness of Internet marketing in consumer durables
  • Study on the customer preferences towards the product in a specific industry.
  • A study on Indian organised retail sector
  • Effectiveness of promotional schemes in Retail stores
  • Advertising and Sales promotion techniques used by FMFG companies
  • A study on role and scope of e–retailing in India.
  • Error tracking system in word
  • Global tracker system
  • Document management system
  • Automatic mailing system
  • Text Encryption and Decryption
  • Role of Software Agents as Collaborative Tools – E-commerce.
  • A study on the various performance Appraisal system and its effectiveness
  • A Study of Job Satisfaction amongst Employees at XYZ organisation.
  • A comparative analysis of recruitment and selection process of any two organizations
  • A study on the Human resource Planning and its effectiveness with reference to any corporate organization
  • Global e- marketing
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